Do u kno who I really appreciated on the forums?? Dawnwing. She was so smart and sweet and she’d always pop in with little tidbits about her life and it was so sweet. She was so sweet. Dawnwing is a gem. Lms for this relatable feel

to: wcf user hydrogen


Boy, do I love chicken strips. Sometimes, when I’m home alone, I’ll take some chicken strips fresh out of the oven and rub them in my scalp. It doesn’t do much for my hair health, but I like the way they feel running through my strands of hair. The flakey coating, smooth white meat, and warmth. YumBoy, do I love chicken strips.

inspirational quote about social outcasts from my friend jacob

me in 2010: i am straight but i support the community! i love gay people!
me in 2014: gay


that weeb u just made fun of? his waifu just died in the latest episode of his favorite anime, think before you make fun of someone.


Stop stop STOP